Your likes and dislikes mean a lot. They basically make up your entire personality! Even those little preferences have a say. Like, are you obsessed with Riverdale or Descendants? Miley Cyrus or Harry Styles? These are the questions that matter. So, what could your favorite foods possibly say about you? A lot! See, everyone loves pizza, but their topping choices can get a little wild. That's where we come in. From plain cheese to Hawaiian, pizza is just as creative and fun as you are! That's what makes you unique. Find out what your favorite pizza topping says about who you are. You might be surprised. This fun quiz adds a little personal touch to your usual order. Take this quiz, then get to a pizza place ASAP to enjoy a slice of your perfect pizza. We're hungry just looking at them!

This quiz originally appeared in the October 2016 issue of Girls' World. You can purchase the issue here.

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