Ever since Fifth Harmony dropped "Work From Home," Harmonizers have been obsessing over their upcoming album, 7/27. With a single that great, how could you not be going crazy over the prospect of more 5H music? J-14 talked to Camila Cabello about the group, and she EXCLUSIVELY opened up about why their album name not only represents their past, but it also represents their future.

"7/27 was that day that we were formed, so that date has a very special meaning to us all, it’s where our story began. Calling the album 7/27 is a reminder of that and is also kind of like saying that this new music is when this part of Fifth Harmony is going to be formed — this era of us as a group. It's exciting!" she told us.

This era of them as a group? It sounds intense! Camila revealed that their latest single "might be the only one of its kind on our album," but there's a diverse range of songs for everyone.

"It's crazy because as far as the process for the album went, we were like banging out so many song at first — like we'd record 5 songs a day. But in terms of what the album will sound like, I think some of the songs will be more pop-sounding than others and some are more urban, while some have more of a trumpet kind of sound and are bigger," she spilled.

"We really liked having an urban drum skeleton kind of sound in 'Worth It,' so this album has that similar type of 8-on-8, R&B vibe with like pop melodies over it — that's a common thread."

Sounds like it's right up our alley!


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Reporting credit: Morgan McMurrin

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