Fifth Harmony showed everyone that they can and they will move forward without Camila Cabello. The group dropped their third album, but the first record as a foursome titled Fifth Harmony. Their voices and harmonies are obviously incredible showcasing what they do best. But we couldn’t help but wonder which one of the songs addressed Camila’s exit from the band. Sure, it seemed abrupt and sudden in the public eye, but we still want to know what went down behind the scenes.

While many fans were hoping for a diss track (as were we — the drama is so real,) we didn’t get it. For the most part, the girls stayed pretty tight-lipped. But there is one song that could possibly, potentially be about their relationship with each other and with Camila. It’s actually a really nice song about female empowerment and girls sticking together. It’s the only song on the record that kind of gives off Camila vibes. And when we say Camila vibes, we mean a feeling that everything is settled and there’s no bad blood. They aren’t building a wall between them and Camila but a bridge. Ahh, the metaphors.

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The girls have said that “Bridges” is about uniting people in the troubled world we live in. They say the song hints at politics and our divided country but, we think it gets more personal than that.

Let’s take a look at the lyrics:

“Can’t spend time in rewind, I’m sorry
Many times I remind myself
We’ve come way too far in our stories, oh
To build these walls and to blind ourselves
And for every action, there’s a reaction.”

I don’t know about you, but this screams Camila. Personally, it seems like they are saying they don’t want to spend time in the past, they want to move forward. They’ve come too far with their careers to spread hate or drama with anyone in the industry. They don’t want to become oblivious to what’s going on, but for every action that someone’s going to make, there’s going to be a consequence. They are saying there’s going to be an action following it. Hello, cause and effect!

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“We build bridges
Oh, we build bridges
No, we won’t separate
We know love can conquer hate
So we build bridges
Bridges, not walls
Bridges, not walls
(Bridges, not walls).”

This could be about uniting people in general, but again, we see a Camila reference. It’s almost like they are reaching out to her in a way without directly calling her name. Like, all the hate that has been built up in headlines, that can all be broken down for love.

“And I know the world can be cold, we can’t let it divide us
There’s something inside us, a power that grows
There’s something beautiful in the flaws in all we are
Something calling all of us and it says.”

Honestly, the world was trying to divide them when Camila left. Not only divide Camila and the girls even more than what was already happening but rip apart the other four. There were rumors that they would change their name, that they would split up themselves, stories were everywhere. These lines show that nothing can break them down. They have this desire to grow, to get stronger and to be the best people they can while at the same time acknowledging they aren’t perfect.

You. FREAKING. go. girls. Fifth Harmony just proved they don’t need to be a fivesome to succeed. AND they don’t need to bash anyone on their way to the top, either.

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