While most celebs were celebrating their Fourth of July weekends with fun parties, friends, and the great outdoors, Ariana Grande spent her weekend a little bit differently. Instead of performing in the UK, as she had originally planned, the singer rushed to her sick grandfather's side to spend time with him — her heartwarming Instagram photos and tweets will make you cry!

While Grandpa Grande fought and battled cancer earlier this year, it looks like he's struggling again. Over the weekend, the hashtag #PrayForGrandpaGrande flooded Twitter with messages of support, and Ariana has also been tweeting her love for her grandpa all weekend, calling him a "humble, respectful, hardworking, polite, thoughtful, humorous, generous…example for all gentlemen" and praying for him to get better.

Her photos with Grandpa Grande are so sweet, they will seriously make you tear up. You can tell that she loves him so much.


And it seems like she's taking good care of him!

We're hoping her grandpa gets better soon!

Did this Ariana news make you cry? Leave any supportive messages for Ariana and her grandpa in the comments!

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