We caught up with Austin Mahone last night at the Teen Nick Halo Awards and asked him what every Mahomie is dying to know — when will his album be released?! As it turns out, the answer's still up in the air and Austin feels awful about it.

"[There's] not an exact date, but I'm working on it right now so it should be out around maybe February or January, somewhere around there," Austin EXCLUSIVELY tells us.

"The thing about the album is that throughout the year I'll be like 'Oh, it's coming out in June… it's coming out in August' and it would keep moving," Austin continues. "I felt so bad because my fans will be like 'What are you doing? Why does it keep changing?'"

The good news is that Austin's confident the extra time he's taking to perfect the album will pay off in the end.

"I feel like it's working out because the more time we have, the more songs I record. So there's going to be better songs on the album," he tells us.

We can't wait to finally hear what Austin's been working on. Let's hope the album release date will be sooner than later!

Reporting credit: Jodi Eisenberg

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