Back in 2011, Rebecca Black took the internet by storm with her hit song “Friday,” and now, the YouTube star has made waves online once again! For those who missed it, on April 3, the 23-year-old came out as queer during an episode of the “Dating Straight” podcast, and now, she’s opening up about the decision to share her sexuality with the world.

“It’s something over the past few years, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with myself and my friends and my family. To me, the word queer feels really nice. I’ve dated a lot of different types of people and I don’t really know what the future holds,” she said at the time.

So what made her decide to take the plunge and come out in the first place? Well, during an interview with Gay Timesthe singer admitted that it was a total accident!

“I kind of made a decision a couple of months ago to just… there can be so much pressure in feeling like you have to come out and make this big announcement, so I just stopped not answering when people would ask about it. I was doing this podcast with my friends and I brought it up without even realizing I was talking about the gender of the person I had been dating and broken up with, it just kind of happened,” she said. “What I realized is that there’s never really a right time and I would never have thought that this would even happen now, but I am really happy that it is happening. Everybody talks about that sense of relief and I had no idea what that would feel like, but they’re right, and I’m so happy to be finally able to talk about it.”

During the interview, Rebecca also got real about struggling with her sexuality before coming out.

“When I started to come into my sexuality I was around 19 or 20 years old — and I’m only 22 now — so part of me did almost feel like, ‘I’m too late, I should have known this about myself’, and so I wasn’t validating myself and I was questioning myself all the time — which I do think is a natural part of some peoples’ process with coming into themselves — until I started talking to people who had similar experiences to me, like friends of mine who were realizing that they’re gay or fluid. I was just talking to someone who didn’t know until they were 23, so it doesn’t mean anything.”

Thankfully, the response from her fans has been amazing!

“It’s been really supportive. The first reaction came from the people listening to that podcast, many of them are fans of mine and they were so sweet, and then seeing how it’s become this bigger thing, I’m so grateful,” she gushed. “Obviously, you see people coming out all the time now, but god, even five or 10 years ago this just wouldn’t have been the experience people had, so I’m really grateful that it’s been so positive.”

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