You probably know Garren Lake best from playing “Marty from the Party” in Disney Channel’s Andi Mack — but now, he’s about to become your newest music obsession!

Yep, that’s right. The actor, who is a total teen heartthrob if we do say so ourselves, is gearing up to debut his upcoming EP, Heartbreak Lake. And lucky for you, we caught up with the 16-year-old Disney cutie to chat all about this new era of music he’s diving into. But that’s not all, he totally dished some hints about Marty and Buffy’s relationship in Season 3 of Andi Mack. Check it out!

J-14: Your first single is coming out in February! Can you tell us what it’s about?

Garren Lake: My new single “Acting” is about meeting a girl that I became infatuated with. And whenever I would talk to other girls it wasn’t the same — it was more of an “act.”

J-14: What was your inspiration behind it?

GL: It was just something that I was going through at the time. Going to the studio was an easy way to help me get over things. Hitting the studio and writing my feelings into a song always helped.

J-14: How was it transitioning from an actor to a singer?

GL: Not that hard, to be honest. I’ve always had a passion for both but didn’t really start becoming an artist until I was 13. That’s when I started making covers in my bedroom.

J-14: What can we expect from your EP, Heartbreak Lake?

GL: You can expect a lot of truth and honesty! I talk about past relationships and how I feel and felt in those moments.

J-14: What is the cast dynamic like on set of Andi Mack? What do you guys do in your downtime on set and off?

GL: Everyone gets along so well. I think this kind of environment helps to make everyone’s acting better and builds more chemistry between the characters. As far as downtime on set, we’re either doing school work, pulling pranks or eating craft services! haha

J-14: Do you think Andi Mack will get a Season 4? And if so, what would you love to see from your character?

GL: I really don’t know, but I guess time will tell!

J-14: If the show does wrap after Season 3, do you think fans will be happy with the ending and get closure?

GL: Oh, definitely. Marty and Buffy have some intimate scenes. I can’t wait for everyone to watch.

Look out for Garren’s debut EP, Heartbreak Lake, in early March! Trust us when you say you’ll be totally hooked.

Additional reporting by Lillie Gissen.

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