It’s over. The Summer I Turned Pretty star Gavin Casalegno and longtime girlfriend Larsen Thompson have split, J-14 can exclusively confirm. the former flames are officially broken up amid ongoing fan speculation, a source tells J-14.

Fans first started to wonder if something had gone awry between Gavin and Larsen when she was missing from The Summer I Turned Pretty premiere in June 2022. Then, both of their TikTok accounts were flooded with fan comments asking Gavin or Larsen to confirm the split. However, neither of them responded to fan questions at the time. They last appeared on each other’s Instagram accounts in April 2022.

The actor and model took their romance public in 2016. At the time, Larsen made her first appearance on Gavin’s Instagram. As for how they met? The actor slid into her DMs on the social media app.

Larsen Thompson Confirms She and 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Star Gavin Casalegno's Breakup
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“We actually met off of Instagram,” she revealed to fans in a YouTube video from February 2018. “We chat with a mutual photographer, and the next week, Gavin and I are shooting with her, and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, you have to meet this person. You guys would be so cute together.’ So, I went onto her photos and saw a picture of Gavin, so I liked it, he saw my like and came onto my Instagram, and he slid into my DMs.”

Just like that, they were a match made in heaven. When it came to talking about his girlfriend publicly, the Prime Video star revealed the most romantic thing he ever did for his former lady love on her 16th birthday.

“I lived in Texas at the time, and she was inviting all of her friends to the party, and at this point, I was already talking to her parents,” Gavin told Seventeen in June 2022. “I secretly bought a plane ticket out to go surprise her for her 16th. Her parents brought her to some restaurant at Universal Studios and I jumped out of the corner and fake proposed with a Hershey’s kiss. Little did I know her dad was standing right there, and so that was the first time meeting him. It was hilarious. We laugh about it now, but I haven’t found a length that I wouldn’t go to make a romantic gesture.”

While the former Walker star referred to himself as “a hopeless romantic” in the same interview, things between these two didn’t last.

Reps for Gavin and Larsen have not responded to J-14‘s request for comment.

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