There are people who claim that high school is the best time of your life. Those people, would be wrong. Maybe if you had the life, sure high school would be perfect. You have to understand though, I don’t have the life, no one I know has the life. If anyone does, way more than high school would be perfect. If you do have the life, congratulations, I envy you. But if you start to feel like you and I relate, put this book away, keep going on with your perfect life, because you do not want to be me….

He’s so tall and muscular, if we ever did go out, which wouldn’t happen, it wouldn’t be right. It’s stupid really, I pine after him so much and it only hurts more when I think he likes me, or even notices me only to be ignored the next time. With his blue eyes, like so blue they’re gray and his ability to make any girl fall to his feet, me included, it’s no wonder I fell for him.

There he goes; maybe I should try to talk to him one more time, maybe this time…

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