Following the release of her debut solo single “TALK” — which dropped on December 15 — singer GiaNina Paolantonio caught up with J-14 and dished on the inspiration behind the song.

The songstress — who fans may recognize from her roles in Matilda the Musical and The Greatest Showman — spilled some tea on what fans can expect to hear from her upcoming music and even teased the “Talk” music video. Dance Mom alum GiaNina also shared her favorite line of lyrics from the song and talked about how excited she is to continue releasing new songs!

J-14: Tell us about your debut single “TALK” What’s it about?

GiaNina: “Talk” is about those people you come across in your life that may be dealing with their own insecurities or demons and, unfortunately, for them to feel better about themselves they talk negatively about you.

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone or anything in your real life?

GiaNina: The inspiration for all my music is taken from my life experiences!

J-14: Were you nervous releasing such a personal song? 

GiaNina: Yes, I was super nervous not only because it was inspired by personal experiences but also because I am still learning and growing as a solo artist and songwriter.

J-14: Can you share your favorite line of lyrics from “TALK”?

GiaNina: My favorite line is the last one: “Talk, just talk or don’t.” I just feel it tells [people], it doesn’t matter if you talk about me or don’t. I will continue to pursue my dreams and continue living my best life regardless of the negativity they are spreading about me.

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J-14: What did it feel like putting your first single out into the world?

GiaNina: Like a dream coming true!

J-14: When can fans expect to see a music video for “TALK”?

GiaNina: My music video [for] “TALK” will be out on my YouTube channel (@gianinasjourney) on Saturday, December 19 at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST. I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

J-14: Going forward, what can fans expect to hear from your upcoming music?

GiaNina: My fans can expect to hear me speak from my heart. I have some pop beats and also some ballads.

J-14: What was it like making the transition from Broadway and TV to recording your own music as a solo artist?

GiaNina: I actually don’t think of my music as a transitioning move. I am a performer at heart, and that alone drives me to explore all the avenues this industry lends to performers. If I can put a smile on people’s faces through my music, dance, or acting that’s a home run for me.

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