Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are obviously head over heels in love since they've been happily dating for more than a year now. Who can forget that moment on December 20, 2015, when the stunningly beautiful couple dropped their first ever selfie together, confirming the start of their love story? And now, it looks like Zigi might've expanded their little family, without anyone noticing.

Gigi took to Twitter to let the world know that she was missing two loves of her life, one being her boo Z, and another an adorable French Bulldog.

OK, now where did this puppy come from?! Gigi did have a dog throughout her childhood and into her adult life, and Zayn has always been a dog-lover too. Here's proof:

zayn malk as a kid

Seriously he was the cutest, and the fact that Zayn is always posting precious pics on Twitter and Instagram of himself with dogs and cats too, it's clear he's an animal lover, as is Gigi. Could it be that this little dog is one they got together? It wouldn't be all that surprising since they spend a ton of time together, plus Zayn kind of has a history of getting pets with the leading lady in his life. He and ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards adopted a cat they named Prada together, who sadly just recently passed away. Zayn was also close to Gigi's cat and was included in the tribute the supermodel posted when that pet passed away too.

gigi zayn cat

Since so many of their former pets are now gone, maybe they really did decide it was time to welcome another new addition to their family. Getting a pet together is a major step in any relationship since they're now parents to a pup who needs them to be there every step of the way. Granted, it's not really confirmed who this dog Zayn is cuddling with really is quite yet, but it's safe to say the little cutie is a member of the Zigi fam. Actual goals when you think about.

Click through the gallery to see more of the couple's best pictures together and then drop a comment below telling us your thoughts on this dog mystery!

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