Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid just celebrated their two-year anniversary over the weekend with a cute video featuring the pair sharing a smooch. The model wrote, "2 yrs w my favorite human." It was super sweet and not over the top at all which has pretty much been the theme of their relationship. Gigi opened up about what the Bradford bad boy did for her on the occasion and it really was super cute and low-key. She said, "He surprised me with a dinner. It was just really nice. We have the best time, and we love to try new food together. We cook a lot, so it's nice to get out and try things that we don't make at home."

Apparently, this was a perfect surprise because going out to eat isn't something the couple normally does. She said, "My favorite thing to do is ask him something random that he wants me to make. I like challenging myself and seeing if I can make it. We do that a lot…That's really fun for me. Just random things we see on food network, or his mom will send me recipes and I do it. It's a great way to get my mind off things when I have a day off."

While ZiGi prefers a night in, they aren't afraid to say how much they love each other publicly. Personally, we think this means that their connection is actually real. That these two are in the relationship for all the right reasons despite being two very public figures. There are so many things they have been through over the past two years that prove they may be headed for an engagement.

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Of course, Zayn was engaged once before to Little Mix member Perrie Edwards. He got together with Gigi very, very shortly after. Even though that relationship ended in disaster, we kind of can see some similarities. But, also, many differences showing that Zayn may be even more serious about Gigi than he ever was about Perrie. For starters, Zayn proposed to Perrie in August 2013, just a year and three months after they were first spotted kissing in public. Zayn was just 20 years old when he got down on one knee with Perrie.

No judgment here, but he may have had a bit of growing up to do before he settled down with someone for good. Now, he's 24, in a long-term relationship, very private about it and the cheating rumors that spread like wildfire when he was with Perrie have yet to start up again while he's been with Gigi. That's just one of the reasons why we think these two are made for each other. Even though Zayn moved on quickly, if you know then you just know.

It was in November 2015, presumably the beginning since they just celebrated, that Gigi and Zayn were spotted on a date in Los Angeles. Zayn was the first one to confirm the romance when he posted a snuggly picture of them on Instagram. The "Pillowtalk" singer didn't caption the shot but there was no caption needed. Everyone could tell by their body language that this was more than just a friendly fling.

It was in August of 2016 that Gigi shared a photo of Zayn cooking for her on Snapchat. They were getting really serious and Zayn had cut Perrie out of his life completely. This is in the sense of he actually got the tattoo of Perrie on his arm covered up. Fans first noticed the new ink over Perrie's face in Gigi's snap. He had officially closed the door on that relationship. Zayn chatted with Evening Standard and alluded to their low key yet very happy life with each other. He said they, "just spend time together as a normal couple, cook food, watch TV, [and] have a laugh." He told the publication that they leave their careers and celebrity status at the door when they get home. It's about the relationship, not the publicity.

And we know what you're thinking, isn't it possible that Zayn could have just been saying all this to make their relationship seem more normal than it actually is? Yes. But, they have proved everything he said. The last time the pair were caught by the paparazzi together was in May 2017 – over five months ago!


Five months is a lifetime in the celebrity world. Another piece of evidence as to why I think these two are destined for an engagement is that they are friends with each other's friends. This is a big one. Zayn even collaborated on a song with Gigi's bestie, Taylor Swift and that was definitely a huge thing for Gigi. Not only is Z friends with her friends but their families are also super close. Gigi once said that her favorite restaurant is Zayn's mom's kitchen and there have been photos of everyone hanging out together.

Yolanda Hadid posted the most adorable photo of the foursome together with the caption, "❤️Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating……." So, clearly, Yolanda approves of Zayn and Zayn's mom, Trisha Malik, approves of Gigi. The fact that they are celebrating a traditional Muslim holiday like the festival of Eid al-Adha is even more proof that they are planning on being in each other's lives for the long run.

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❤️Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating…….

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Oh yeah, and how can we forget the Italian photo shoot they had together? They've done a few shoots since this one, but the first was absolutely iconic. They couldn't have looked anymore in love and this was early on in their relationship. Can you imagine what their wedding photos would look like? I'm not saying this should be a reason why they are headed for an engagement but it's just more reason to believe that their life – if they do get married – would be absolutely perfect together. We ship ZiGi forever. Now, it's just up to Zayn to decide if he's ready to get down on one knee again and whether Gigi will accept the proposal.


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