Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia might deal with topics like family, friends and love — but is the cast actually dating anyone IRL? You might be surprised to hear that some of your favorite characters from the series are off the market! Keep reading to uncover the Netflix actors’ relationship statuses.

If you’ve seen Ginny & Georgia, you know that one of the most prominent relationships is between Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) and Marcus (played by Felix Mallard). However, *spoiler* season 2 sort of squashes that relationship as the pair break up and decide to be friends instead.

“I think they’ll always be in each other’s lives,” Antonia told E! News about the season two breakup. “They have something extremely special: They have an understanding between each other, and that no one else really has. I think relationships, especially based on friendships, are some of the stronger relationships you can have, and I hope they’re endgame.”

Felix expressed a similar sentiment to his costar. “There is a constant sense of love, and that has been since they’ve first seen each other,” he shared. “It’s always in flux. You are always going to be seeing where that love is going. Whether they’re together, whether they’re not, whether they’re going to be together forever. That’s what we get to explore.”

Ultimately, Felix wants what’s best for his character, and, at the moment, that’s to be single.

On tackling Marcus’ depression journey for season two, Felix told E! News, “We don’t have too much media showing that it’s OK to suffer—and that a lot of people do—and to show resources on how you can get through it if you can’t necessarily do it alone. I think getting to explore a deeper side of what a young man can go through was really important.”

Netflix hasn’t yet said whether Ginny & Georgia is getting a third season, but Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia, noted there is a lot more of Ginny and Georgia’s to tell. “As far as the story goes, there’s so much more to tell,” she told Forbes. “Our creator and showrunner have very sinister plans for everyone’s future.”

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