Girl Meets World will forever be such a beloved show on Disney Channel, despite that it only ran for three seasons and fans had hoped to see more of Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and the whole crew going down this road we called life. And even though it's no longer airing new episodes, that doesn't mean we stop finding out new hidden secrets about it.

Rowan Blanchard just recently opened up to The Edit about how she didn't even want to be on a Disney Channel show so yeah, there's a good chance we would've had an entirely different Riley Matthews. Can you even imagine it?

From actors who were originally supposed to play different characters, to how the overall cast was almost totally different, to scenes that were completely changed, there have been plenty of behind-the-scenes moments that went on that no one really knew about. Until now of course. It's always fun to find out new things about the shows you love the most, since you know, you want to be an expert and all thank. We're just here helping out the fandom, really.

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Check out the gallery below to uncover the most mind-blowing GMW true fans need to know!

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