Within minutes of scrolling through Twitter, you will probably come across words like “stan,” “shade,” “this slaps,” “wig” or “snatched.” These terms have totally taken over the internet, and although you may know what most of them mean, have you ever discovered one that left you scratching your head and feeling a little old? If that is the case, don’t you worry, people, because we went ahead and made you a complete glossary of all the stan terms that every one needs to know.

Yep, from “bop” to “thirsty” to “basic” to “woke,” we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the definitions of every single slang term that’s being used online these days, so you can fit right in with the crowd. And if you’re convinced you know them all, test your knowledge and see how many of these words you actually knew!

Scroll through our gallery for a complete glossary of all the stan words that every one needs to know.

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