From 2010 to 2014, Good Luck Charlie ruled Disney Channel!

Starring Bridgit MendlerShane Harper, Leigh-Allyn BakerJason DolleyBradley Steven PerryMia Talerico, Eric Allan Kramer and Raven Goodwin, among others, the show followed the daily life of the Duncan family. Even though the show has since come to an end, the cast is super close to this day! In fact, the cast reunited in May 2020.

“The creators [Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen] always wanted it to be an ensemble and have each character have something to say. I also really attribute that to our director and our various other writers and people behind the scenes who allowed us to really form out these characters, “Bridgit said of the show during the reunion, per Entertainment Tonight. “I’m just so grateful for that opportunity as a young actress to be able to spend so much time developing a character. Also, they were trying to entertain a family audience. They weren’t just trying to please kids, they were trying to reach everybody.”

When they were shooting the show, Mia was so young she never did interviews with the cast. During the reunion, Bradley noted: “Yeah, this is a trip right now! We have never done an interview with Mia and had a full conversation like this. This is bizarre!”

The actor also revealed his “favorite memory” from set.

“Everything I did,” he gushed. “It was my first experience as a kid and then as a young teenager. Leigh was the one who gave me the birds and the bees talk on set. There were countless things I grew up doing. It was the first show I really worked, and at the time, I thought, ‘Wow, if this is TV, this is awesome! This is the best line of work!’ You go on to other shows or you go on to other movies or whatever you do, and you realize how special this thing was and how unique of a situation we had.”

And this wasn’t the first time everyone got together! Fans have been lucky enough to see the cast reunite a ton of times. The Duncan family has actually stayed pretty close since the show ended, and every time they hang out we low-key die a little on the inside. We went ahead and rounded up all the pics from all of their reunions over the years, so prepare for some major nostalgia!

Scroll through our gallery to see all times that the cast of Good Luck Charlie has reunited.

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