If you haven’t already, prepare to fall madly in love with Grant Knoche. The singer just dropped his new hit single, “Emotions,” and it’s a total bop! And want to know the best part? Not only did the cutie write and produce the track all by himself, but he also directed and edited the music video, too! Wow, talk about a man of many talents.

Well guys, J-14 just spoke to the 16-year-old exclusively, and he spilled all the tea on the inspiration behind the new song and what went into making the epic music video. And now, we’re even more obsessed.

J-14: What was the inspiration behind “Emotions?”

Grant Knoche: Really proud to say that I wrote and produced “Emotions” 100 percent on my own! I wrote “Emotions” because I think that life is too short to surround yourself with negative emotions. “Emotions” is about getting rid of any negativity, whether it’s in a relationship or your everyday life.

J-14: What do you hope fans take away from the song?

Grant: I’m so excited that “Emotions” is finally out for everyone to hear! Every time I write a song, I intend to inspire someone or make them feel something. I really hope that’s what they take away from my music.

J-14: Can you tell us about the process of making the music video?

Grant: It was such an incredible experience! I love having creative control and seeing my vision come to life. I knew that I wanted a video that was high energy and visually stunning and I really feel like we accomplished that. I’ve learned so much from this video and I can’t wait to top it with the next one. Another fun thing is that my dad shot it! We have such a great dynamic when working together and we really do make a great team.

Grant Knoche Exclusive
Sean Knoche

J-14: Did you automatically have an idea of what you wanted the visuals to be like in the video when creating the song?

Grant: I didn’t instantly imagine the exact visuals I wanted. But as soon as I created the chorus, I instantly knew what kind of movement I wanted. I couldn’t stop moving my shoulders when I was producing it and I was like, ”That’s gotta be in the video!”

J-14: What would be your best advice for young people who want to break into music, but don’t know where to start?

Grant: My best advice would be to experiment with you and your music! I honestly feel like best things are born in experimentation. The world wants to hear you, not the carbon copy of your favorite artist. I do think it’s important to find inspiration from your favorite artist, but blend it into yourself!

J-14: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Grant: My biggest musical inspirations are Adele, Julia Michaels, Lauv, Troye Sivan and Dua Lipa. Each one of them have their own signature style and it really inspires me to find my own!

J-14: If we could take a look at what’s on your playlists right now, what’s on repeat for you at the moment?

Grant: Lately I’ve been listening to FINNEAS a lot! His music is so beautiful and so different at the same time. The lyrics and melodies are so genius. I’ve also had “Lips Don’t Lie” by Ally Brooke stuck in my head all week long. I’ve really been into trying to find the best underground music recently because there is so much to learn from that type of music.

Grant Knoche Exclusive
Sean Knoche

J-14: Who is an artist you’d love to collab with?

Grant: I would love to collaborate with Adele! Her music is breathtaking. To be honest, if I were to collaborate with her, I would just sit there and listen in awe. I fell in love with music because of her and I’ve been playing her music since day one. I have a lot of up beat music but ballads have always been a part of me and I’m very excited to show that in my upcoming music. She would be a dream collab of mine!

J-14: Can you tease any upcoming projects? What can fans expect from you next?

Grant: I’ve been working on so much music lately and I’m so ready for everyone to hear it all! There are multiple songs in line after “Emotions” which is very exciting. I’m a major fan of diversity and I always try to go off the path a little and try something different. So I guess y’all can expect a little bit of everything with the new music!

Make sure to check out the “Emotions” music video here!

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