Grayson Dolan is a blond – er, and brunette – no more. The web star cutie, who makes up half of everyone’s fave YouTube duo the Dolan Twins, has been rocking platinum blond locks for quite some time. He and his brother Ethan are naturally brown-haired guys, but they love to dabble with some colored streaks from time to time. But never had either of them ever went completely blond – that is, until Grayson lost a challenge. He went full-on platinum for a decent period of time, but he took to Twitter this week asking fans if they think he should go back to his normal color.

Turns out, it seems like Grayson had enough of the bleach blond life because he soon was on Snapchat dying his hair back to normal. Or so he though. Things did not go exactly according to planned, and Grayson ended up with a mix between blond and brown – it now appears to be this orangey, pink-ish tone. Watch the video below to see how Grayson accidentally ended up with a new hairstyle.

This most definitely is not the first time the Dolan Twins have experimented with their hair. Not to long ago, Ethan and Grayson straight up dyed their facial hair red and green. You know, to get into the Christmas spirit and all.

dolan twins beards

(Photo credit: Getty)

And then, of course, who could forget when Grayson took the liberty of cutting off his brother Ethan’s flowy hair. Another challenge punishment, of course. From switching up their colors to getting dramatic cuts, these boys are truly some hair chameleons if we do say so ourselves. They’re always keeping us on our toes with their new videos every Tuesday, and the same goes for their ever-changing, unexpected hair makeovers.

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