Gregg Sulkin has a new lady in his life and, for once, her name isn't Bella Thorne. Obviously, the pair dated for a year and then broke things off in 2016, but still continued to be friends. Shippers actually thought they could rekindle their love earlier this summer when Bella fled Cannes, France after a whirlwind trip with bad boy Scott Disick and ran right back into the arms of the Wizards of Waverly Place alum. But, nothing came of it and now Bella is kind of, sort of, dating blackbear.

So, what's the sitch in Gregg's life? He is supposedly dating Lexy Panterra who has a strange connection to Bella. Can he ever get away from this chick?! Kidding. But, really, Lexy actually played a role in Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween last year alongside Bella.

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TMZ is reporting that Bella and Lexy are just "Hollywood friends" and they never really had a legitimate relationship. What does this mean exactly? It probably just means they were friends on set because they had to work together. You know those people you sit next to class, chat with occasionally, but will literally never text once the bell rings? Yeah, those type of friends.

Gregg and Lexy – who TMZ has dubbed the 'twerk master' – were caught in public, shopping together at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles at the beginning of the week. There's been no word on whether or not this relationship is serious, but we hope Gregg may have finally found somebody to love. His relationship with Bella has been so back and forth especially since she just said she loved him on social media for his birthday a few months ago. We definitely think he needs a distraction, because, as fans know, she definitely has the male distractions in her life.

Bella and Gregg have been broken up for some time and because she wasn't exactly best friends with Lexy, we have a feeling the unspoken girl code was never broken in this situation. Bella and Gregg have always rooted for each other so we're hoping she's happy for him – even if he's dating her former co-star!

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