Gregg Sulkin and Selena Gomez spent hours together on the set of Wizards of Waverly Place, and now, years later he can’t help but be incredibly happy for the songstress and her rise to international stardom. Not only that but he opened up about Disney Channel and why he truly believes that the network should offer counseling for young actors who are going through different stages in life with different emotions at such a vulnerable age. Actually, he’s shocked they don’t do this already. But, first, let’s get to his thoughts on our girl Selena. And no, he made zero mention of her rekindled love with Justin Bieber, FYI. His praise strictly stuck to her accomplishments.

As for how he feels that Selena has become one of the biggest stars in the game right now, Gregg spoke to [Entertainment Tonight]( and explained, “I’m happy it’s happened to a nice person, because a lot of people in this industry, you seem a certain way, and maybe aren’t. But she’s always been really lovely, has always been very determined, hard-working, and if you type in like, ‘Selena Gomez scandal,’ on Google, you’ll never find one.” So freaking adorable and amazing to see how much respect he has for her.


Disney, on the other hand, he has some concerns about the way they handle their younger stars since suddenly being thrust into the spotlight on a hit TV show isn’t something that happens to everyone. He said, in terms of providing counseling, “It is hard to remain levelheaded, so I do believe that there should be like, once a week, on any young network, there should be somebody that comes in and talks to these young actors about their life and hearing their teenage thoughts. I think it’s hard… when you don’t realize you’re becoming, like, a multimillion-dollar business.”

Gregg continued, “One day, if I continue to work, one thing I want to do with my voice, so to speak, is to make sure that younger actors don’t end up going down the path of some actors that we’ve seen throughout the years. Exactly like the conversation with harassment… [it] would be a nice way to just, kind of, encourage kids to support each other and have a voice.” But, he’ll always be appreciative of the place that gave him his start.

“I mean, that show [Wizards of Waverly Place] gave me my start here, so I’ll always be grateful, and I’ll always want to do a reunion…it’s gotta make sense on a career level for every single person involved.” So, we’re not totally sure when this said reunion would happen or when it would make sense to happen, but we will be patiently waiting that’s for damn sure.

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