Fans have watched Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) grow up right before their eyes ever since she was propelled into the spotlight alongside her famous family. Instead of following in her father Stephen Baldwin‘s footsteps, Hailey decided to go the modeling route. She has been featured in high-fashion ads and totally took over the runways at multiple fashion weeks after first stepping onto the fashion scene in 2014.

“I like to align myself with brands that I would actually wear and that I actually really enjoy, and that I feel represent me in a way. Superga is just super classic and timeless. You can wear it forever and ever and ever. It doesn’t ever go out of style, and I love that about them,” she told InStyle in August 2021. “If there are people who see what I wear and there’s a piece of it that they feel like they can also afford and it doesn’t feel out of reach for them, then I love that.”

During the same interview, Hailey gushed over her fall must-haves.

“I’m, like, so big on a big chunky jacket or a big chunky coat. I feel like if you know anything about my style, you know that I’m always in the most absurd oversized stuff because I just find it very comfortable and it feels like me,” she explained. “So I always think for the fall, a really great oversized blazer, a really great chunky knit sweater, a great coat. I feel like those three things are always super, super in my rotation.”

Starting off her career as a young teen, Hailey’s style reflected her age. As her fame progressed and she grew up, her looks got more glamorous. In fact, she’s been praised numerous times for taking risks with her red carpet looks. Whether she’s walking the runway or arriving at a major event, Mrs. Bieber turns heads everywhere she goes! To honor Hailey’s style throughout the years, J-14 decided to take a major walk down memory lane and relive all her best looks.

Scroll through our gallery for a look at all of Hailey’s best red carpet moments, including looks from the MTV VMAs, the Oscars and Met Gala.

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