When it comes to fashion, no one does it like Hailey Bieber can! The model has grown up in Hollywood and showed off her style with some revealing looks over the years.

At the 2022 Met Gala, the Rhode Beauty founder opted for a stunning white gown, which ended up being pretty revealing. While it seemed modest at first glance, the backless feature and giant slit up the side showed off a different side of Hailey in the Saint Laurent dress.

“We decided to just do this very beautiful white effortless moment,” she explained to Vogue on the red carpet. “It’s actually based on this YSL Jerry Hall reference. I don’t know, I just felt like I did my best to be on theme. … It’s actually really lightweight and comfy. I said I was going to just give this moment.”

Later that same year, Hailey took her first foray into designing clothes when she collaborated with Wardrobe.NYC for a special capsule collection.

“I wanted to take the fuss out of putting together a killer outfit,” she explained to Vogue in September 2022. “We landed on each piece by my figuring out what the core pieces are in my day-to-day wardrobe, and those that I think can live forever. Like an amazing coat and a great blazer, and then combining those with easy, everyday layering pieces.”

It’s no secret that the New York City native is all about comfortability, especially when looking at her street style looks.

“I was extremely hands on about the fit of each piece, how it hangs, and how it wears. I’m extremely picky about the way things fit in general, so with these pieces I was over-the-top specific about the dimensions of each one,” Hailey shared. “My personal style comes through in all the pieces, from the casual comfy ones to the more elevated, structured items. My style constantly mixes comfort and elevation, which is what I wanted to do with these clothes.”

Yes, she loves comfort but is also a huge fan of the full glam moment — and we don’t blame her! Scroll through our gallery for a look at Hailey’s most revealing red carpet moments over the years. 

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