For a while there, the song “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey was pretty hard to escape from. Aside from being played just about everywhere, which led to it being stuck in everyone’s head all the time, it won several iHeartRadio Music Awards. So it’s status as a bop was pretty much set, and all that success should pretty much mean that the “Now or Never” singer and the DJs would team up to create another hit – though we’re thinking that might not happen.

Why? Well, at the iHeartRadio Festival's iHeart Village in Las Vegas, Halsey hit the stage to perform “Closer” but without Drew Taggart and Alex Pall – otherwise known as the producing duo. As everyone knows, the song opens with Drew singing before the “New Americana” singer joins in. Though instead of having a track with his part playing, Halsey told the crowd she was going to jump right into her part. Nothing wrong with that seeing as the guys weren't there. Though right before she slayed with her vocals, she told the crowd, “my part’s the better part anyway.”

Then again, she might have just said this in good fun. You never really know with Halsey, but this wouldn’t be the first time some kind of drama has started between her and the DJs. Last year, Drew Taggart made fun of the “Colors” singer's appearance on Twitter, which led to her unfollowing them. Not long after the tweet went viral, it was deleted and Drew said he was hacked. Saying hurtful things about someone he considered a friend was something he’d never do, and there seemed to be some peace.

Now…who really knows what this all means. Halsey hasn’t spoken out about her comments and neither have The Chainsmokers. She may have been poking some fun at the guys, since they were MIA, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, she can totally be a little bit biased and call her parts the best ones.

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