From the looks of it, Halsey has no time for haters! That’s right, the songstress recently slammed a group of internet trolls who made fun of her for studying law to take the bar exam.

For those who missed it, in a recent Instagram post, the “Without You” singer told followers that, “Law is fun but hard,” alongside a snap of a book titled Constitutional Law. When a curious fan asked what she was studying law for, the 25-year-old replied with, “I’m studying for the bar exam!”

Upon hearing this, some internet trolls took to Twitter and slammed Halsey for learning law.

“Someone on Reddit really tore into her ‘studying for bar exams’ schtick [though]. Apparently she [didn’t] even [buy] the correct type of books you’d use to study for the bar exam. Why do all these celebrities want to study for the bar exam all of a sudden?” one person posted.

In a since deleted tweet, which was screenshotted and reposted online, Halsey replied, “Why the f**k is it a crime to educate myself beyond just wanting to pass the bar Qs? I am following a law school curriculum even though CA state doesn’t require a degree to take the exam. Am I surprised someone on REDDIT tore into the ‘popstar’ for doing anything at all? Haha no.”

“Reddit said ‘haha gurl with big ti**ies who sing fun song cant take smart people test!!!! Dumb w***e let’s k*ll her,'” she added in another since-deleted post.

After her series of clap backs, Halsey told her 12.6 million followers that she planned to delete the previous posts.

“I love y’all and [you’re] funny and it’s [not] worth it,” she concluded.

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