Get ready for Hannah Zeile to become your newest obsession! The This Is Us star just stepped into the music industry and dropped her first single, “Ode to My Anxiety,” and we cannot stop listening to it, TBH.

That’s not all. The actress and singer just spilled all the tea on the brand new track exclusively to J-14, and it turns out, it has a super personal meaning behind it. Plus, she also opened up about her upcoming EP and plans to hit the road!

J-14: Tell us about “Ode to My Anxiety!” What’s it about?

Hannah Zeile: It Is my very first single so it is very special to me! In this song, I speak openly about how my anxiety effects me and how debilitating it can be, while also reminding myself (and others who feel the same) that you have the power to work through it and things will be okay.

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone or anything in your real life?

Hannah: Yes! Like I mentioned before, it was written from my own experience and struggle with anxiety. Although it feels very isolating at the time, I know there are many people who can identify with this song and the feelings it describes. Hopefully, people find comfort and feel understood when listening to it.

J-14: How do you deal with your anxiety? Any tips for fans who are struggling?

Hannah: Creating art is the best way for me to cope with anxiety. I didn’t create this song with the intention to release it, I created it for my own therapy and to outwardly express how I felt internally. It’s hard to give tips because I think it really differs per person, but I would suggest trying to find something to distract yourself (I like art, exercise, baking or doing a self-care routine, finding a person you feel comfortable to call or talk to who can give you an outside perspective, and lastly finding a way to ground yourself and know that this too shall pass.

J-14: Is it nerve-wracking to release something so personal to you?

Hannah: It was nerve-wracking for me to release a song in general, but having it be so personal really heightened that feeling. I’m a pretty private person and I’m not very good at opening up, so releasing a song all about a part of me I don’t usually share was very scary. At times, I get a little panicked thinking I overshared, but hearing people say this song has helped them in some way reassures me that I made the right decision.

J-14: What’s your writing process like?

Hannah: I don’t like to try and force a song out of myself because when I do that I end up hating it, so usually I’ll either have a topic in mind, or I’ll hear a beat that inspires me, and then lyrics just pour out like word-vomit until they become a song.

J-14: Tell us about your upcoming EP! What can fans expect from that?

Hannah: I think the project I’m working on is a bit of a different vibe from “Ode to My Anxiety,” so it’s cool that this song can stand alone and have it’s own moment. All the lyrics are honest and at times reveal personal things about me, but they are accompanied by bouncy, fun music that still makes you want to dance.

J-14: Any plans to hit the road?

Hannah: Life has taught me to take everything day by day, and appreciate everything as it happens so no set plans, but it is definitely a dream of mine to perform my original music.

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