Picture this: Harry Styles owning his own bakery. Or writing a book. Or scoring the winning goal for Manchester United at the World Cup. Not on board quite yet? Don’t worry, you’ll get there — because we’re pretty sure the former One Direction boybander can do whatever he sets his mind to. After all, he’s already proved that he’s the master musician, a blockbuster movie star, and a killer talk show host.

Yep, last month, when James Corden had to take a day off because he and his wife were busy having their baby (you know, no big deal, just casually take a day off work for it), Hazza stepped in to help out a friend. And he proved to be a pretty awesome host of The Late Late Show. Once we saw that, we where like, “Uh, is there anything Harry can’t do?” And, BTW, the answer is no. He can do everything. And he has a suit for every occasion.

It got us thinking, though. We’re not content to have the singer rule just the music, movie, and TV talk show industries. We want to see him take over every industry — starting with the food industry. After all, Harry’s first job was working in a bakery in Holmes Chapel in England — W. Mandeville, to be specific. Why not turn back to the work where he got his start and continue building his empire? Scroll through the gallery below to see what Harry would be like as a baker — and all the other industries we think he should tackle next.

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