Harry Styles has lots, okay millions, of fans but we may have just found his biggest follower from California who goes by the name of Kemery Ball. She's an aspiring actress, singer, and dancer and completely breaks down after finding out that her mom secretly got her tickets to the former One Direction heartthrob's show. Okay, and we're talking literal sobs here. She can't stop, either. In the video, Kemery and her mom are parked outside of her friend's driveway when she actually falls out of the passenger's side door and can't bring herself to her feet complete with happy tears streaming down her face proving once and for all she's the most relatable Hazza fan out there.

Her mom said, "I was picking her up after I got off of work. I was too excited to wait to give her the tickets. She has always been a fan of One Direction. She is 12 now and has been a fan since she was around seven years old. Harry is her favorite. She truly loves him. But she has never been to a One Direction or a Harry Styles concert before."

Kemery's mom officially gets the best mom of the year award, just sayin'. She continued, "She had no idea. I knew she would be excited and cry a little. I wasn't expecting her to have a complete meltdown. The reason I stopped the video is she began to mildly hyperventilate. She cried for like an hour after I stopped filming her. For the rest of the day she cried on and off. She is so excited. She still keeps breaking into tears thinking about how she will get to hear and see him live." Aww! This is super sweet and we are incredibly pumped for the entire family who will get to see Harry do his thing on stage in 2018.

L.O.L. Kemery's reaction is freaking priceless. If this is the video her mom captured when Kemery saw a piece of paper with Harry's name on it, we can't even imagine the footage that's going to come from the actual concert. And just case you still haven't figured out how much Kemery really does love Harry, we've got more proof.

She posted a photo on her Instagram posing with the cover of J-14, which so conveniently has Harry's face on it and a copy of his solo album. Oh yeah, and by posing we mean she looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment. Kemery captioned the photo, "Gee, I was a tad excited to get my Harry Style a CD and a magazine with him in it. #iloveharrystyles #haroldedwardstyles #triplethreat #actress #singer #dancer #thefuturemrsstyles #stagelife #setlife #teenactor #teenactress #competitivedancer #Californiagirl #excited."

We don't know about you, but if there's anyone we can think that needs to meet Harry, it's got to be Kemery.

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