Harry Styles was blessed with good looks, a charming personality and the voice of an angel. But, one thing he really isn't good at, to put it bluntly, is driving a car. The British crooner has been pulled over and given several parking tickets by law enforcement – and snapped by the paparazzi in the moment – over the course of his career. It's possible that Hazza doesn't drive THAT much, which could be a reason why he's not perfect at it. I mean, he's Harry freaking Styles. There's no way he doesn't have someone driving him to and from the studio or chauffering him around whatever city he's in for the time being. Can you imagine what some die-hard fans would do if they pulled up to a stoplight only to find the "Sign of the Times" singer sitting behind the wheel of the next car? Madness would undoubtedly ensue.

But, just for fun, we've pulled up a few examples of Harry's inability to drive. Back in March 2016, photos surfaced of Harry coming back to his car – we're not entirely sure how long he left it for – only to find a parking ticket on the windshield. Classic mistake, Harr, classic mistake. We can't imagine he was too happy about this one, especially because it was around the time where he had just cut off his luscious locks for Dunkirk and was trying to stay out of the spotlight. That doesn't exactly work when you're a celeb with a parking ticket.

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There was also the incident where he was photographed getting pulled over by the police in North London back in 2013. The reason is still unknown but the One Direction heartthrob looks pretty regretful. Obviously, it was nothing serious but still just driving the point home that he should probably stick to singing and let someone else get behind the wheel.

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Now, you might be wondering, what is this all amassing towards? Well, one of Harry's friends who specializes in taking already expensive cars and customizing them to make them even more unique is speaking out. His name is Yianni Charalambous and he actually considers Harry and the rest of the One Direction boys his good friends. But, just because they are pals doesn't mean he's staying silent about Harry's driving woes. He opened up about lending his Porsche to Harry and how that may not have been the best of ideas.

He said, "Harry Styles borrowed a Porsche from me and when he came back all the alloys had been curbed (scratched) and he was so apologetic. I said listen don't worry, you are Harry." LOL, so basically Yianni just confirmed our suspicions. Harry isn't a great driver. We've known this, yes, but hearing it from someone who actually let Harry borrow their car and it came back with scratches definitely says something. Like, come on, Harry. You couldn't go a couple of days or however long it was without dinging the vehicle? What did he pull into a parking space and drive up right on the front curb? The details are vague, but to be honest, we can only imagine how Harry managed to bang up the Porche. Note to self: Always offer to drive Harry, never let Harry drive you.

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