Harry Styles has been doing some heavy promotion for his debut self-titled album and has revealed so many things about himself and his music along the way. A lot of what he has opened up about is his creative process and how different it is to be doing the music thing without the other four guys from One Direction.

During an interview with Hits 1 in Hollywood, the singer was asked how writing songs differ as a solo artist than as part of a group and why it might have been a bit scary at first to open up through his lyrics.

“I think you are very aware that everything you are writing you have to say,” he told the host.

“And I think you could — there is a part where you could write songs and kind of hide behind everyone singing and you could be like ‘It wasn’t me, it was him!',” he said, speaking of his former band members.

“But I think it is kind of something, you have to stand behind everything you have written. And also, whenever I have written before it was never writing for my album, so it was always something where you would work out songs and now I can’t do the ‘It wasn’t me’ routine anymore.”

What Harry is trying to say is that now he is going to be held accountable for everything he writes and sings in his songs, and naturally, people will assume that the lyrics were inspired by something in his personal life which has already been happening since the album's release. That is a lot of responsibility for a songwriter and it takes a lot of vulnerability to open up in that way, but Harry has already bravely done so in his first album.

It looks like Harry was kind of scared that he can no longer point at someone like Niall Horan while on stage and say that the song "Perfect" was not written for one of his exes. He is just going to have to take the blame from here on out.


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