It's a bird…It's a plane… It's Harry Styles!

With just a matter of days before the public gets to hear Harry' first song "Signs of the Times," the singer has made quite an entrance into his solo career by being spotted by the paparazzi while he was dangling from a helicopter in Scotland.

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Everything about his upcoming project had been kept as a complete secret from fans until just this week photos of the singer hanging from a wire while filming the video for his upcoming single were released—and they were the photos to inspire a thousand memes.

Fans got super creative with their jokes and they put their photoshopping skills to good use and transformed the singer into some iconic characters, like Harry Poppins.

A fan imagined what it would have been like to witness this in person while casually driving in the area. Imagine?

This photo makes it seem like he is randomly hanging, looking for someone to help him get down.

LOL. When does Harry Styles and the Chamber of Secrets hit theaters? Need to buy those tickets as soon as possible.

This 18-year-old was in disbelief that was able to witness something so magical in such a short time on this earth.

In this one, Harry becomes Harry Cyrus as he comes in like a wrecking ball.

Tumblr had some memes of their own, and they rocked.

These Harry photos made us believe that anything is possible.

Not only is the possible best video ever coming out soon, a performance on The Graham Norton Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but it was announced this week that Harry will be appearing on BBC Radio 1 alongside his friend Nick Grimshaw for a two-hour interview on Friday, the day of his song's release.

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The radio star broke the news alongside an incredible photo of a smiling Harry on Instagram, saying: "hiiiii @harrystyles ?? on Friday you'll hear what happened when we sat down for 2 hours for a massive chat. It was actually 3 but I guess an hour was crap and got cut. ? The song is beautiful. Exciting! See u Friday. ✌?"

Honestly, what a week for Harry and music fans everywhere. Now if these memes inspired you to make quite an entrance to your graduation, prom, Sweet 16, or birthday party, send Harry a message thanking him for his hard work and commitment to making what is already an unforgettable music video. We honestly cannot wait to see it.

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