Does Harry Styles have a new sweet creature on his hands?!

The former One Direction crooner released his solo debut album just over a week ago and it's had major success ever since. Not only that but he also completed a week-long residency on the Late Late Show with James Corden and has been performing a number of venues to promote the album. Oh yeah, and he has a rumored new girlfriend.

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Tess Ward, a beautiful blonde food blogger, has been seen hanging out with Harry and even wearing his clothes! Harry is known to lend his clothes to the gals he's rumored to be dating so it's quite possible that they really are an item. However, ahead of a gig Harry has planned in Mexico, he was caught lounging poolside with a bikini clad gal who is definitely not Tess.

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So what's really going on here? Before everyone starts to freak out, let's get a few things clear. Harry hasn't confirmed or denied that he's dating Tess and when she was asked about him during a recent interview she declined to comment. While they have been spotted in his car together, they could just be friends. Of course, her wearing his clothes makes things seem a bit more on the romantic side but who knows. Friends can share clothes, right?

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Now, who is the girl that is vacationing with Harry? That information is unclear at the moment. However, they weren't seen getting cozy together and there were other people around. It seems like this gal could just be one of Harry's pals or a girlfriend of one of the guys on the trip.

In all of the poolside Mexico photos that the paparazzi sneakily snapped, Harry was lounging alone on the couch. He never got close to this bikini clad babe and was actually sleeping at one point. Seems like she's just one lucky girl who is close enough to Harry that he invites her on luxurious trips amongst his other friends. Clearly, he's not a bad friend to have.

Before word got out that Tess and Harry had been seeing each other, they tried to keep things super quiet. So, the fact that she wasn't photographed in Mexico with the "Sign of the Times" singer doesn't shock us. She's probably just off somewhere living her best life, cooking and posting food that will have us drooling.

To be honest, Harry doesn't even seem phased by the mystery bikini girl.

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