Even though the One Direction guys are working on their fourth album, there are a lot of songs that haven't made it onto the tracklist. In fact, Harry Styles has written (and most likely recorded) 19 songs that we might never get to hear because they didn't make the cut.

Since all of their songs are amazing, we're sure fans would absolutely love every single one of the curly-haired cutie's unreleased tracks. Unfortunately, there's only so much space on each album and choosing what they want to put on it is probably pretty difficult. Judging by the interesting titles of these songs, we hope they make their way into our ears eventually!

Check out the list of Harry's unreleased tracks via @1DMofosUpdates:

  1. "Better Than Being Alone"
  2. "California"
  3. "Can't Get Enough"
  4. "Everything About You"
  5. "Fall Apart"
  6. "Fun For Now"
  7. "Have and Hold"
  8. "I Just Wanna Be Your Man"
  9. "Kiss It Better"
  10. "Kiss Me"
  11. "Kissed You In The Rain"
  12. "Like Everybody Else"
  13. "Like You Do"
  14. "Love You Like You're Leaving"
  15. "Might Not Want You"
  16. "Our Desire"
  17. "One Of Those Nights"
  18. "Second Chance"
  19. "You Still Have My Heart (Even If You Don't Deserve It)"

Do you wish you could hear Harry's unreleased songs? Let us know which title you like best in the comments below!

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