#Facts: OG Fans Know Harry Styles & James Corden Kissing Isn't That Big of a Deal


Harry Styles and James Corden have reunited yet again for another segment of carpool karaoke and another kiss. On the latest episode of The Late Late Show, James debuted his star-studded version of "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" and Harry is featured in the video. During one part, they just randomly decide to share a smooch. Here it is just for reference:

And this smooch seemed rather spontaneously, since both guys had surprised reactions, with James joking he never expected to that as a Christmas present.

And Harry said he didn't expect that gift either!

But really, who doesn't want a kiss from Harry as a present?! While some people find this funny moment between the guys a bit surprising, well it shouldn't be. These two go way back and actually real-life friends who have known each other for years now. Plus, this isn't the first time Hazza and the host have shared a smooch, so let's all settle down for a minute year. A few year's back when Harry and his band One Direction appeared on the UK game show A League of Their Own — which James was the host of before he hopped across the pond to host his now-beloved late night show — they appeared on the kiss cam together and of course.

So their choice to pucker up to each other isn't anything new. If anything, it's just more funny for longtime fans who know the kissing history these two have! Harry even has a Late Late tattoo on his arm he got on the show during a game of tattoo roulette with his 1D brothers, so you know his friendship with James is 100% legit and will last forever. And James has always made it clear he has to much love for Harry too.

"We've known young Harold since he was 17 years old...Harry was at my wedding, and I love him dearly, I love him absolutely dearly, and I’m so proud," James said in an interview. Just precious. Side note — wonder what James' wife thinks about these kisses. Probs jealous she didn't get to kiss Harry either, since that's how we're feeling over here, tbh.


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