In case you missed it, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner used to date. Well, they had a fling, at one point. They were on and off for awhile. No one knows exactly what went down between them but there's proof that there was some chemistry when they were caught kissing aboard a luxury yacht around New Year's Eve two years ago.

Ever since then they have been spotted hanging out but it was never as intimate as that one day in the middle of the ocean. Harry actually attended Kendall's birthday party earlier this year and they were seen on a dinner date several months ago.

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Of course, the pals who may have once had a thing could just be friends now. Harry is rumored to be dating food blogger Tess Ward and Kendall has her own thing going on with A$AP Rocky.

However, just because the two might have their eyes on other people at the moment doesn't mean they don't have a whole lot of history. And it certainly doesn't mean James Corden won't bring up their alleged romance during Harry's week-long residency on The Late Late Show.

In fact, he already did. Yes, on day 1. Hendall was referenced in the studio and it was everything!

Harry sat in between James and another guest star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He was telling a bizarre story about the chickens he had. All of these said chickens were actually named after members of the Kardashian family and cleverly dubbed – "Kardash-ikens."

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As he started rattling off the names of the family, Aaron actually paused when he said Kendall and Harry looked so uncomfy! He literally smirked and took a sip of his water trying not to laugh in the middle of it all. Aaron took it one step further and said that his chickens lay eggs every day.

Of course, James was just having WAY too much fun with this to let it go. He continued to press Harry and asked with a just downright sensual joke, "Do they lay every day, Harry?"

And the world will never know because Hazza refused to answer or even acknowledge that his ex-flame was mentioned. LOL!

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