Harry Styles is getting his own documentary, which isn’t news. But, the one thing that is driving every Directioner absolutely insane is the fact that the show will reportedly make no mention of his days with One Direction. Rumors are making their way around the Internet saying any talk of his boy band days has been completely erased from the footage that will air in Novemeber. The idea is a bit bizarre considering One Direction is the one reason why Harry became relevant in the first place. To completely eliminate that from a documentary about his life seems off.

New reports are saying that this documentary is about his solo life, his movie career and his future – meaning One Direction is now well in the “Sign of the Times” singer’s past. A source told The Sun Harry will, “perform tracks from his self-titled No. 1 debut album and chat to Nick [Grimshaw] about his life, being a solo artist and starting his acting career.”

The source continued, “The path Harry has taken with his music is very different to the type of big pop songs he was performing with One Direction. As a result Harry is keen to get away from his teenybopper days and reinvent himself as a rockstar.”

However, there was apparently a segment filmed that was fully dedicated to the 1D. It’s just uncertain if that will make it to the actual show. Fans are hoping that this segment gets some love. Harry Styles isn’t Harry Styles without his One Direction past. While it’s totally valid why he wants to separate himself, to intentionally erase this part is just a bit alarming namely because he just told Rolling Stone magazine about how much he loved being in the group.

Hazza, talking about the creation of his solo album, said, “I loved being in the band so much and got to learn so much, and with this, I felt like I could just have a good time working out what it would sound like if I made an album.”

As of right now, there’s no exact air date for Harry’s BBC documentary – of course titled, Harry. But, Novemeber will come quick enough and we’ll see if the British crooner and the producers of the doc really thought it was a smart idea to snub One Direction in the editting of the documentary.

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