Harry Styles‘ sense of style is something that none of us can truly understand. His taste is so high-level and eclectic that the best us normal folk can do is just appreciate his perfection from afar. Simply put, he is a trendsetter in every way. Nobody knows what he will be caught stepping out in next – whether it is a boldly patterned suit or, in this case, a sheer top.

When Harry rocks a sheer top, we’ve got no control. There’s literally nothing better. Whether he’s rocking a see-through sweater or a revealing mesh top, Harry truly pulls off the trend quite well. Watch the video below to see Hazza’s wide variety of sheer shirts because they are truly a blessing to us all.

Considering the fact that Harry has a very large collection of tattoos on his body (many on his stomach and chest, might we add), the sheer tops Harry wears expose a lot. We just love getting a little peek of his body art, so Harry’s translucent wardrobe is never a bad thing.

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