It's been less than a month since Harry Styles dropped his solo debut album, Harry Styles, and it has been climbing the charts ever since. There was no denying that it was going to be successful. I mean, come on, he was in one of the biggest bands in the world and a fan favorite. No matter who you are on this planet, you wanted to hear what the heartthrob who used to work in a bakery would sound like on his own.

He's been doing promo for the past couple of weeks spilling bombshells about who the album is about and the songwriting process that came along with it. Hey, Taylor Swift, we see you, we see you.

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Jokes aside, Harry is now sounding off on finding out his own puke was being sold on eBay, why it was time for him to be scared and what it's like to have teenage girls as fans.

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Hazza revealed that One Direction had gotten so big, so fast in so many different parts of the world that there was only one story that represented their stardom. What was that story? He made an appearance on NPR and said, "The puke, I think, is a good indication."

He said he had puked on the side of a highway in California, a fan scooped it up and actually tried selling it on eBay. Harry said, "My mom actually sent me, like, an eBay link to my own puke, which was very interesting to receive on a Tuesday morning." No freaking WAY!

When the whole puke thing happened, Harry was in a place of comfort – if that's possible to imagine. Comfort as in a way that he was singing in a band with 3 or 4 other guys around him. Not all eyes were on him. He had people to fall back on. Now, as a solo artist, he is all alone. Yet, Harry revealed that it was time for him to be alone. It was time to explore his voice and what he could do with it and it was time for him to be a bit scared. Finally, Harry has gotten out of a comfort zone.

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He said, "I've never felt this vulnerable putting out music, because I don't think this is a piece of myself I've put out there before. And, simple fact: When there are other people around you, you share the good stuff — but you also get to share the bad stuff and hide behind everyone else a little bit. So with this, yeah, it is scary. But I think it was time for me to be scared. And I'm still very much learning. And I'm having the time of my life working this out."

And fans are having the time of their lives listening to him work it out. Harry has touched on his fan base before but while chatting on NPR he really stood up for the teenage girls who flock to him. The fans that try so hard just to get a snap of him on their Snapchat. Harry speaks to the idea that they are stereotyped and it's not okay.

Harry explained, "The thing is, people stereotype it as their [the fans] attraction to the music is something other than the music, and I think that's unfair. And honestly, I think it's writing people off. It's kind of rude. Everyone's musical taste is different, and there's no right or wrong answer. So I don't know who's the person in the world who is like — that guy has good music taste."

Yassss! Whether the world likes it or not, Harry Styles is a legend in the making.

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