Just because he’s been a little preoccupied rehearsing for his first official solo performance without the rest of One Direction, doesn’t mean Harry Styles has forgotten about his fans.

The singer is gearing up for Saturday Night Live, and in the meantime diehard fans are sitting outside the venue hoping they can score tickets to the live show or even the dress rehearsal later on in the day to get their Hazza fix.

Those lucky fans who had been sitting out in the New York City streets for several hours on Friday, were surprised with a few treats – pizza and kiwis to be exact, that came from the “Sign of the Times” singer himself. Harry may have dropped a major bombshell about the second song he’s set to sing on SNL, and he did so with food!

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For those who need a little refresher, the musical guest on the sketch comedy show always performs not once but twice during the night. Well, Harry has only released one song but did share the official track list for his album due out in May. So, with his bit of information along with the treats for fans, it looks like he’s going to premiere “Kiwi!"

Fans of course caught onto the little tease, and shared videos on Twitter about the sweet surprise. One clip had two people who work for SNL, out on the streets sharing the food with those in line and telling them they were from Hazza himself! “Harry bought kiwi for everyone in line for SNL I LOVE HIM SO MUCH,” one fan wrote with the video.

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Another fan on the standby line wrote with a picture of the fruit, “SO I'M PRETTTTTY SURE HARRY IS GOING TO SING KIWI ON SNL.”

The singer also bought his fans pizza as they waited outside, another fan shared on Twitter with a picture of the food being handed out.

Nothing gets by Harry Styles’ fans, that’s for sure. Though we have to give him credit for sneaking in that little bombshell with fans in such a clever way.

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