This is for sure, Harry Styles is taking the world by storm as he releases his solo singles one by one. First came, "Sign of the Times", which kind of shocked Directioners as this was a sound and vibe no one had heard from Harry during his entire career in the spotlight. Then he sang "Ever Since New York" on Saturday Night Live and now he's just released a brand new track entitled "Sweet Creature."

The song is slow, it's mysterious and it's exactly the kind of rebrand that Harry is making the move towards. The lyrics paint a picture of two souls who might be meant for each other but the timing is off. The words talk about this one person who can bring the other out of sadness and into comfort. Two hearts blended together to make for one powerful relationship yet those two hearts aren't sure what's right in the moment or moments passed.

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To be honest, it's kind of sad but beautiful at the same time.

Of course, with everything Harry does, Directioners have an opinion of their own. Most of the reactions to the song have been really positive. But, shockingly enough, fans have decided to use this single to bring up a fantasized relationship in Harry's past!

Cue Larry!

Larry – the ship name Directioners gave Louis Tomlinson and Harry while they were in the band together – has come to light once again. Fans actually think that Harry is talking about Louis when he wrote the song. Ever since this so-called relationship started within the fandom, all of the boys have denied its existence. But, that didn't stop the world from assuming that "Sweet Creature" really was about Louis and Harry's secret relationship.

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We find it hard to believe that it's about Louis, unfortunately. Harry has had his fair share of relationships and none of which have been with Louis. While this song could definitely be for an ex of Harry's – someone like Kendall Jenner – it could also just be different experiences he's had all combined into one song.

So far, the message is clear but the inspiration behind it all is still a mystery.

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Click through the gallery and check out what the fans had to say about "Sweet Creature" being about Louis!

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