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One Direction are having the best week ever. Harry Styles' second solo track "Sweet Creature" is here and it comes just a day after the announcement that Niall Horan will also be releasing his second song "Slow Hands" this week, following his first solo tune "This Town."

Harry took to Twitter to alert fans to the arrival of his new song with a short and sweet caption that is totally his style. He shared a new promo photo and wrote a message telling fans that he is always there for them.

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He wrote: "Sweet Creature is available now. Album is available in ten days. I am available always. Love you. H"

"Sweet Creature" is a slow jam that focuses on Harry's vocals and the relaxing sounds of a guitar. It is nowhere near as powerful as his lead single "Sign of the Times" but the lyrics are a bit more personal and seemingly about a relationship between the singer and someone else.

"Had another talk about where it's going wrong / But we're still young/ We don't know where we're going/ But we know where we belong/ It's hard when we argue/We're both stubborn," Harry sings.

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Fans reacted to the new song and the news that two new songs were arriving this week from the 1D boys and some even made jokes suggesting they all get back together and be a band again.

We are sure both of the guys will have just as much success and that fans will love and support both songs.

Listen to "Sweet Creature" below and stay tuned until May 4 to hear Niall's tune "Slow Hands."

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