It's a sign of the times that things are about to change drastically for Harry Styles!

Yeah, you saw what we did there. The One Direction crooner dropped his first ever solo single just about a week ago and fans freaked out over it. The rock ballad seemed like a cross between David Bowie and Lana Del Ray. It moved away from the purely pop sounds that we've heard from Harry for the past five years and to be honest, no one hated the change.

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It's longer than the typical song one would release for their first ever solo single and it was worlds apart from Zayn Malik's, "PillowTalk", Niall Horan's "This Town" and Louis Tomlinson's "Just Hold On". It was so Harry and that's why fans gravitated to it. It was his voice, the range, the vocals, the tune – everything he wanted and it was authentic.

"Sign of the Times" reached number one on the charts quicker than any other single including Adele which basically means fans were blown away by it. Now, their minds are about to be blown even further.

Hazza released the tracklist for the record AND the album cover art. He's wet, wearing a necklace, you can't see his face which is totally artsy and there may or may not be a song about Taylor Swift. SORRY, WHAT.

Before everyone freaks out, here's the photo Harry shared on Instagram – with the caption, "HARRY.STYLES //12.MAY.17//."

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He posted this one as well with the same caption. Fans are assuming this is his cover art, not the photo in the first Instagram he shared.

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Okay, does any song on the tracklist catch your eye? So, let's face it, the song, "Ever Since New York" has got to be about Taylor, right?! Right. The world thinks so too. After Taylor released her 1989 album, fans concluded that "Welcome to New York" and "Style" were both about Harry. Then, Swifties and Directioners went into a frenzy over One Direction's music video for their song, "Perfect." It took place in a hotel room in New York and Harry never denied that it was about the songstress.

So, it seems like Harry is coming back at her once again. Not to mention, while they were dating, they were both photographed together in New York. AND could it just be a coincidence that two super famous stars who are indeed not originally from New York both have a song with the city name in the title? No chance.

Of course, we can't be sure just yet. Fans will have to wait until May 12th to hear the lyrics and try and decode what they are really about. But, to be honest, we wouldn't be shocked if it was about Taylor. This is Harry's first chance to get everything out there that he's been wanting to say for years so if Taylor was on his mind while he was writing then there's no way she couldn't have inspired something on the album.

Even if it's just a line or two!

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