Calm down, it’s happening. Harry Styles announced his third studio album Harry’s House — set to be released on May 20th — one day after fans speculated that he was gearing up to release new music.

On March 19, fans noticed a website circulating around social media titled “We Are Home,” which the English singer followed on Instagram and Twitter.

The site, which pictures a door that opens slightly when you hover over it, has had a new background behind the door every day since its discovery, yet it still has not fully opened. Along with the website, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, fans have also noticed adverts put in global newspapers that include the website’s URL.

This isn’t the first time the “Watermelon Sugar” singer has done something like this to promote upcoming music. For his second album Fine Line in 2019, the actor-singer and his team promoted his single “Adore You” by creating a fake island called Eroda, complete with a tourism website and Twitter account. The setting of the music video for “Adore You” then ended up being Eroda — “adore” backward.

And back in February, the heartthrob was seen in London filming what looked to be a music video where he is tucked into bed, a possible connection to home, as in, ahem, “We Are Home.”

Fans have become full-fledged investigators since discovering the marketing scheme — some even realized that the background pictures behind the doors on social media linked to some of the English heartthrob’s favorite authors, like Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“The image is the cover of this book. One of Emerson’s quotes is literally ‘be an opener of doors,’” said one fan on Twitter after the first picture was posted.

Not only that, but fans have also discovered the singer’s beauty brand Pleasing has packaging that resembles the outline of a keyhole. One fan on Twitter discovered this: “Listen I know I’m clowning mad hard but you’re gonna tell me this doesn’t look like the thing you put your key in to unlock a door?? You know… a door?!?”

It’s safe to say the former boy band member is going to have quite the busy year in 2022. His new film Don’t Worry Darling where he stars alongside Florence Pugh and is directed by girlfriend Olivia Wilde will be released in September 2022. His other starring movie My Policeman could also be released this year, and he’s set to headline Coachella in April after coming off a worldwide tour. At least the photos from his maybe-new-music video look like he’s catching up on his sleep!

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