Justin Bieber is known to do some crazy things, and sending photos of himself in his underwear to grown men isn't one of them – until now.

Yes, you read that correctly but before everyone starts to freak out, the story may not be as weird as you're thinking right now. Basically, the Biebs was super proud of his Calvin Klein underwear ads. And why shouldn't he be? He looked incredibly hot. Not only that but it's an iconic campaign that has been going on for years and has featured some of the most well known people in the world. The fact that Justin was able to be a part of that is legendary.

justin bieber

The "Sorry" singer was so proud of this milestone that he actually sent the photos of himself stripped down to barely nothing to his friend, Mark Wahlberg. Mark was featured in the campaign back in 1992.

Let's just say Mark was a bit confused why Justin decided to send these over. The greatest part about the whole thing is that Mark is telling the world the details now and it made for a hilarious story while he appeared on Conan.

He said, "He is a very nice young man. He is a friend of mine. I’ve spent time with him. He did send me the pictures. I was like, ‘You don’t send a guy pictures like this.' He was proud. It was a big deal for him to do it. I was like, I’m at 45, a dad, a husband and a father of four, I’m trying to move away from that image."

LOL! Of course, Mark was a good sport about the whole thing. Leave it up to Bieber to send photos like this to his friends. Ours may have gotten lost in the mail however…

All jokes aside, he should be feel incredibly accomplished having partnered with such a famous brand. Yet, leave it up to Bieber to pull a stunt like this!

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