It’s no secret that Halsey is a total One Direction fangirl! Yep, back in February, photos and videos resurfaced online of the songstress confessing her love for the five-piece boyband in self-taped video that quickly went viral. Since then, she’s been patiently waiting for the band’s ten-year anniversary, just like us, and the day is finally here!

For those who missed it, in the 43-second video, an old clip showed Halsey telling viewers that she “loves One Direction” and admitted to crying over the band for “16 hours.”

“I love One Direction, that’s no secret to anybody. I’m not ashamed to admit that, I’ll tell anybody that I love One Direction a lot. I love them as people, I love their music, I love their personalities, I think they’re funny,” she said before recounting the moment she first heard about the band. “When I first discovered them I saw a bunch of gifs of them sitting on a stair set and I thought they were just a bunch of funny boys on YouTube or something.”

“Then I googled them, and I kid you not when I saw videos of their live performances, I cried,” she revealed. “And I didn’t even know them at this point. I cried and said out loud ‘oh my God they sing too?’. It was the worst moment of my life because now I’m trapped in this eternal fanbase.”

Well, even year’s later it seems like she’s still totally in love with the 1D boys because on Thursday, July 23, the “Without You” singer took to Twitter with a few messages dedicated to the group’s major milestone.

“Big fish little fish cardboard box,” Halsey wrote, making reference to a song the boys sang during their Take Me Home Tour in 2013.

When a fan questioned why she would be “talking about fish” when One Direction was coming back, the 25-year-old made it clear that she was, indeed, talking about the band!

Before signing off the internet for the night, she also quote tweeted something she posted in 2015 that read, “Don’t ever let anyone make you feel sh**ty for listening to boybands. Boybands are tight.”

“Emotionally… I’m bruised,” Halsey added.

Us too, girl, us too!

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