Never backing down from a challenge! Hero Fiennes Tiffin has filmed some pretty intense scenes as Hardin Scott in the After film franchise, and while some of the more emotionally “taxing” scenes are hard, the British star tells J-14 in an exclusive video interview that they are also “an enjoyable challenge.”

Hero credits his After costar, the “great” Josephine Langford (Tessa Young), as someone who has made him more comfortable when it comes to getting vulnerable on camera.

“It’s instantly been fun to work opposite her and I think she brings, like all good actors do, brings more out of you,” he shares. “I think it’s become — I wouldn’t say easier — but more of an enjoyable challenge now that we are so comfortable with each other and comfortable with the characters.”

Hero references the moment where Tessa “finds out about [Hardin] writing the book” about their lives as the scene that was most challenging for him to film this time around.

‘It’s so important to get that right, and so important to  justify him and have people still not hate him for publishing a book about her behind her back,” he recalls. “I think this one was just so important. We all feel like we need to defend our characters and make sure that they are justified and feel right. Like they’re not too in the wrong. … I think that just took us toll on us, but I’m really happy with the end product.”

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Reveals After Ever Happy's Most Emotionally 'Taxing' Scene: 'An Enjoyable Chall

After Ever Happy, which premiered in September, was set to be the fourth and final installment in the film franchise. However, that same month, Hero announced that one more movie, titled After Everything is on the way. This film, will presumably take place after the bombshell cliffhanger that fans were left with at the end of After Ever Happy

“I kind of like that things are left to interpretation and to people’s imagination,” Hero tells J-14 of the ending. “I think we’ve given so many ups and downs throughout the franchise that it’s also like staying on the theme that we’ve really got comfortable in with the ‘to be continued’ and the breaks. I was definitely shocked as well, but I’m definitely happy with it.”

Throughout this installment, fans see both Hero’s character, Hardin, and Josephine’s character, Tessa, dealing with their inner demons amid their tumultuous love story.

“I think it’s so important that we show this stuff. I don’t think the story is the story without it,” Hero shares, referring to Hardin’s mental health journey. “I know we started off catering the film towards a market of  a younger audience and, therefore, couldn’t swear as much and couldn’t really tackle these issues. I’m so grateful that we’ve now got to a stage where we can show this stuff, because I think it is massively important.”

What does the future for Hardin and Tessa hold, and can the two characters get back together? “Never say never,” the movie’s star teases.

After Ever Happy is now available to stream on demand.

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