The High School Musical franchise is getting a fourth installment, High School Musical 4, and for the first time, it won't center around the cast of characters you've known and loved for years. In fact, they're casting a whole new set of characters — and we have all the deets. The story centers around a pair of star-crossed lovers, that will give you nostalgia for the early days of Troy and Gabriella's relationship.

Erin is the only girl on the boys' soccer team, who falls for a bad boy named Derek, and struggles with whether or not they should be together. Even though Derek is the quintessential "tough guy," he's secretly a marshmallow on the inside (especially when it comes to his family), plays soccer, and teaches dance classes at his family's dance studio.

However, a guy named Campbell isn't happy about their fledging romance. In fact, he wants to be with Erin! He's basically the reincarnation of Troy Bolton — and actually Sharpay and Ryan's cousin — who is both the soccer captain and the theater darling.

Other characters include Erin's best friend, Nathalie, an extremely school-spirited cheerleader, and Tamara, a cheerleader who used to dominate the social ladder at East High and wants to reclaim her spot at the top.

It already sounds exciting! The singing and dance numbers are sure to be on point, and we kind of expect cameos from Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel if their fictional cousin is going to be in this movie.


Click through the gallery to see then-and-now photos of the original cast. Let us know if you want to audition (and who you'd audition for) in the comments!

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