She's Hilary Duff and you're watching Disney Channel…sort of. Just like, years later. And it's not Disney Channel at all. It's a YouTube video.

The Lizzie McGuire star stopped by Buzzfeed with her Younger co-star Sutton Foster to play a game of giant Jenga – truth or dare edition. While Hilary did give away some juicy secrets, the best part was the actual recreation of her original Disney Channel wand ID promo and it was as awkward as the first 900 times she did it. Hilary looked unenthused, under amused and ended the whole thing with the slightly annoyed yet trying to keep her cool smile we remember from all those years ago.

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During the truth or dare game, Hilary is dared to, "Recreate that iconic Disney Channel wand promo." Of course, she's a good sport with it but she also goes into detail about what really went down behind-the-scenes of the promo. As if fans couldn't tell already, she was totally not excited about the whole thing. But, Hilary also admits that she thought it was childish and not cool at all.

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She said, "So we have to do the thing and then they put it in CGI, like the mouse ears. And then they made us do it like 900 times and I think I lost all personality at that point I was like – plus I was like a pubescent teen and I was like, 'What are they making me do? This is like invisible. This isn’t cool.' I think I had shot the beginning of Lizzie McGuire with all those bouncy balls and I was like what is this last minute thing. It’s so good. It’s like Hilary with a lot of attitude."

A lot of attitude indeed! Obviously, it looks freaking magical when the promo aired on Disney Channel but if you think about it, she has a point. Can you imagine being a teen and having to draw invisible mouse ears for literally hours? And smile. And make it seem like this is the craziest thing you've ever seen? Absolutely not.

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Hilary, you are a Disney Channel wand ID icon.

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