The holiday season comes with a lot of perks. Weeks off from school, hanging out in the cold weather, ice skating, hot chocolate, and not to mention all the gift giving. There are so many amazing things to do, but there's also a downside. So many decisions to make! Who gets what gift? What should you wear? When should you start your mega Christmas movie marathon? All that time for relaxing might end up being used for stressing. Let us take one load off of your back with this handy quiz.

Instead of struggling to decide between the three classic cookie flavors (or bothering to deal with the work of making all three), you can go with what your gut says. Find out which cookie best matches your personality and you'll never have to wonder again. Your kindred cookie will never let you down! Take the quiz below and then get baking!

The Results:

Sugar Cookie

With a sugar cookie, you really get to show off you're creative side with different frostings and sprinkles. We know everyone will be impressed with all your amazing designs. You love expressing yourself and have a big imagination, but most of all you love having fun!

Chocolate Chip

Some people try new flavored treats, but you know not to mess with a good thing! That's why a classic chocolate chip cookie is perfect for you. Friends know they can always count on you because you're so dependable. How special!


A gingerbread man always has a smile on his face – and so do you! Everyone loves how you're always so upbeat and nice. A friendly girl like you will love that these are perfect for sharing with buds. Make them feel extra special by writing their names on the cookie with icing.

This quiz originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Bake It Up! You can purchase the issue here.

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