Hollywood Hunks: These Hot Guys on Pool Floaties Will Make Your Heart Sink


The only thing better than scrolling through your Instagram feed in the summertime and seeing some sizzling hot beach photos of your fave famous cuties is when those hotties get creative with some pool floaties. Whether they are hanging out on a sprinkled donut, a cheesy piece of pizza, a pretty pineapple or a classic swan, an Insta-worthy floatation device makes any Hollywood hunk look even more precious. After all – Instagram is all about capturing that perfect aesthetic, right?

Cameron Dallas, for example, snapped a swoon-worthy pic while lounging on a pineapple with a bright yellow bathing suit to match, and it may just be his most perfect shirtless pic to date. He's not the only one though. Justin Bieber, Jace Norman, Ross Lynch, Ethan Dolan and a ton of other studly stars have made our hearts totally sink with their pics on super cool pool floaties.

Research credit: Cayla Bamberger


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