The rats don’t rule this city, but they are currently ruling over Hollywood!

Listen, there’s a phenomenon we don’t think is being talked about enough in Hollywood — Hot. Rodent. Boyfriends. No, seriously, there has been an explosion of boys with “sexy rat” features that have taken over our TV screens, so we at J-14 decided to make a list of actors we believe embody this new wild internet craze. Keep reading for a list of hot rodent boyfriends.

Since someone online dubbed it the “hot rodent boyfriend summer,” it’s been impossible to unsee. What’s fascinating is how each popular actor seemingly embodies a distinct variation of the sexy rat archetype.

Confused? Let us explain. We think this all started with Timothée Chalamet, the prince of the rat boyfriends. Since his first appearance on our screens as Elio in Call Me By Your Name, people have not been able to get enough of this sultry Victorian child with pretty boy rat features.

Then came Jeremy Allen White, whose character in The Bear had us all thinking about enrolling into culinary school. If not for the food, then for the possibility of meeting our very own tattooed, frenzied chef Ratatouille (don’t even get us started on the Calvin Klein campaign).

But what really sealed the rat trend was, of course, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist in Challengers.

The two actors played sweaty, whiney tennis players who would do anything for their rat queen, Zendaya (as they should), in the 2024 hit movie. It only took one internet user editing rat faces over their Challengers character to seal their fate. One internet user tweeted, “mike faist is what i imagine stuart little would look like as a human.” There it is.

Have we lost the plot? Maybe. Is this still a fun internet trend that stirs up buzz which continues to put these actors in the spotlight? For sure. So, now, without further adieu — scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the hot rodent boyfriends ruling over Hollywood right now.

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